SiliconApp is a very targeted premium WordPress theme that really shines. As the name implies, this theme is all about apps, or in short, your app. This is the ideal theme to showcase your application, whether it be an iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac App, this theme is going to make it scream for attention. Everything about SiliconApp is designed to highlight one thing, your app and all it’s key features. It also comes with 2 styles each with 4 colour variations. This template also comes equipped with a featured tab splash, pricing chart, portfolio for showcasing screenshots, features page and of course a blog. The icons included really grab the eyes for attention and would work well for promoting any number of features within an application. There is also a large band throughout the site with download, buy now and support call to action tiles. SiliconApp is a highly polished theme and one of the best app targeted WordPress themes out there; it will make your app demand attention!

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