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Juxta is a beautiful and creative Premium WordPress template from RocketThemes. This is one of the more unique themes out there that would be perfect for a DIY blog, tutorial site, design site, review site or art site. The entire theme has a special feel that really entices a user and feels perfect for a design or do it yourself community site or blog. Juxta is not just beautiful on the front, it’s also running the powerful gantry framework which opens up even more options. It also comes with a lot of preset styles that give it a totally different feel. Some of the styles feel very artsy and gritty, while others feel cleaner and more elegant, but they are all very unique and different from one another. Each preset style also has 3 variations of the preset itself allowing for even more fine tuning. It comes with a ton of other features as do many of the RocketThemes offerings. If you are looking for a theme that really stands out from the rest and want something a little more artsy and creative than Juxta is here!

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